Amy Faircloth is an American fashion handbag designer born Amy Nicolle Austin in Houston, Texas, December 12 1973 to parents Tom and Kay Austin. The youngest of five children.  Amy is a business women, a mother, and a wife, and she is the Chief Creative Officer of her own brand, Amy Faircloth Design’s, LLC. Amy has received many accolades throughout her career as a new home sales consultant. Her spontaneous personality exudes ambition, generosity, creativity and thoughtfulness. Amy is motivated by her love for learning and succeeding as she personifies outstanding and successful women in today’s society.  With a definitive goal of owning a renowned handbag line that strives for excellence in customer service while providing a luxury product at a fair price, handmade in the United States, Amy is taking the outstanding qualities that have served her well in the past and launching her business to meet the needs of the design-conscious women of today.
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